Photographers in Denver Colorado

Our style of photography in Denver can be described as organic and real. A large portion of our wedding and event photos are truly photojournalistic, capturing the moment for what it is, not what we try to make it. For our posed shots, we put people into natural settings appropriate for their portrait or event. By staying away from the staged or trite, our subjects can relax and have fun while we capture the essence of their personalities and gamut of their emotions with the camera.

Garrett Hacking, regarded as one of the finest photographers in Denver, Colorado, and the team at Photography G use Canon equipment, albums and prints made in the U.S.A., and products by FujiFilm USA, not only because of the quality photos these products produce but also the companies' dedication to the environment and commitment to sustainability. In choosing their products, we support their effort to protect our environment for generations to come.

Community: A portion of our proceeds go to both local and nationwide charities and we donate time and talent to support organizations including the Humane Society, Colorado Youth at Risk and Safehouse Progressive Alliance for Nonviolence.

Policy: In order to be 100% physically and emotionally present for your shoot, we only book a single event per day and a limited number per year. Portraits begin at $175 and weddings begin at $2,995.

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