3 Reasons Your Wedding Photographer is Your Most Important Vendor

3 Reasons Your Wedding Photographer is an Important VendorThere are a thousand moving parts when it comes to planning the perfect wedding. The photographer you choose to do your wedding is usually the most central aspect of your day. A wedding photographer is with you from when you don that beautiful dress to the final dance at your reception. Many couples think a friend of a friend who recently took up photography is a great way to save money, but you’ll likely lose when it comes to the memories of your wedding day.

At Photography G in Denver, we strive to give brides and grooms unique, stunning photos. We’ve compiled a few reasons why your wedding photographer is your most important vendor including:

1. Pictures are Timeless.

Flowers will wilt, and the food will be eaten, but your photographer holds the highest responsibility when it comes to your entire wedding. The photographer is charged with capturing all of the candid moments as well as the tiniest details such as boutonnières and bouquets. A talented photographer can do all of this without being obtrusive and in your way.

2. Save on Time.

A skilled photographer can help you stay on time while also allowing you those precious moments you need to soak in your experience. Our photographer, Garrett Hacking, takes pride in communicating with the other vendors throughout the day including your wedding planner, caterer, officiant and—most importantly—you. We like to know the details so we can take striking photos while also keeping your wedding on track. Additionally, we partner with venues such as Lionscrest Manor to help streamline your planning process.

3. Remember the Moments You Missed.

3 Reasons Your Wedding Photographer is an Important VendorOne of the greatest compliments we’ve received from clients is when they comment on seeing moments of their wedding that they either missed or forgot in the rush from the ceremony to the reception. Brides and grooms are typically caught up in the mystique of their wedding and miss the adorable moment when the kids are the only ones on the dance floor spinning around in circles.

Your wedding is one of the biggest and life-changing events of your life. Your photographer should be a professional whose skill and talent are showcased in each frame.

Schedule your consultation with Photography G in Denver today by calling (303) 444-6994. We offer an array of wedding photography packages and look forward to discussing your upcoming nuptials. Garrett provides experienced photography to clients in Denver, Boulder, Lyons and throughout Colorado. 

Garrett Hacking Named Photographer of the Year & Couples’ Choice

Garrett Hacking—Photographer of the Year & Couples’ ChoiceWe’re excited to announce that Garrett Hacking of Photography G has been named Photographer of the Year” by The Greater Denver Chapter of the National Association for Catering and Events (NACE) for the second year in a row. He’s also been recognized by WeddingWire Couples’ Choice Awards® for the fourth consecutive year.

Garrett has been a professional photographer in the Boulder and Denver areas for more than 20 years. His personality and knack for capturing candid moments are featured on the walls of the Photography G studio and the homes of his clients. Whether the event is a wedding, a corporate event or a rock-and-roll concert, Garrett’s talent for seizing what’s known as the “decisive moment” is reflected in every frame.

WeddingWire Couples’ Choice Awards®

WeddingWire is a well-known organization, which connects engaged couples and their families with vendors and designers to help them plan their ideal wedding. The Couples’ Choice Awards® are given annually to:

The top five percent of local wedding professionals on WeddingWire who demonstrate excellence in quality, service, responsiveness, and professionalism. Winners are determined by reviews from over a million WeddingWire newlyweds.”

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If you’re planning a wedding, a corporate event or you simply want a portrait of your family dog, you can schedule a portrait shoot or event consultation with Garrett today at (303) 444-6994. Photography G provides experienced professional photography to clients in Denver, Boulder and surrounding areas of Colorado as well as nationwide and abroad. 

Making a Difference With Inner City Youth in Denver

Colorado Youth At Risk helps inner city youth find their inner strength. Today is Colorado Gives Day. A non-profit near and dear to my heart is Colorado Youth at Risk. Colorado Youth at Risk (CYAR) provides high-quality mentoring with community support to help youth make positive life choices, complete high school and prepare for a productive future. CYAR works to fulfill its mission using the following core values: integrity, community, possibility, awareness & commitment. Unlike many other youth/mentor organizations, CYAR uses a model of one on one mentoring with a year long pairing of a youth and mentor. What we have found is that what our participating youth are in dire need of is an interested adult, listening, and someone that doesn't give up on them. Committing to this "showing up" is key. In exchange, the mentors (I have done this and worn other hats for CYAR as well) get remarkable training they can use in all their relationships and throughout their lives. The community you share with the other mentors, volunteers, staff and youth will live on for the rest of your life. Some of the most remarkable people in my life that I know, are from being a part of this organization. These photos are from the amazing "Launch Course" which kicks off the year. This exercise helps youth break through (literally) what is holding them back, which is written on the board. Breaking this board, which the majority of youth and mentors alike, start out thinking impossible, is a metaphor for what is possible and also breaking through limiting beliefs that hold them back in life. That's just one of a myriad of transformational experiences you and your youth will explore. I highly recommend being a part of this community yourself. Please reach out to me to see how and where you may best fit in and make a difference. And for my out of state friends and colleagues, today especially, is a great day to donate the always needed funds. Doing so TODAY before 11:59pm will ensure CYAR gets the full benefit of the $10,000 matching pledge.  Please click here to donate. Many thanks and happy holidays!   Subscribe to Photography G newsletter Making a Difference With Inner City Youth in Denver | Boulder  

A Classic Red Rocks Concert Photo

A few years back I created what would become a classic Red Rocks concert photo. I am happy to share that the photograph was selected to be included in the the new coffee table book Red Rocks, the Concert Years, put out by G. Brown and Colorado Music Hall of Fame. He will be spinning stories and signing the book tonight, 7 p.m. at The Tattered Cover on Colfax. I hope to see you there! Here is the story of how this photo came to be. A Classic Red Rocks Concert Photo Australian supergroup The John Butler Trio was in town. A perennial Red Rocks favorite, they played an intimate show the night before at the Fox Theater in Boulder which I photographed. The next day I was feeling a cold coming on, you know that feeling? When things start getting scratchy, energy flags.. I was looking forward to a cozy night at home resting. Then the phone rang. It was the lighting guy from Red Rocks who also does the Fox lighting. John Butler's management had just had the "UH OH!" moment realizing a fantastic Red Rocks show was going to happen and they had no one lined up for some amazing Denver concert photography. So I got the call. Not too keyed up honestly, to haul out to Red Rocks not feeling well, I had terms. Payment! Check. Four VIP passes for some friends (darn sure wasn't going to drive myself lol!). Check. ALL ACCESS, all night. Check. Ok, we're on! The last one, ALL ACCESS, was really key. Normal protocol for a photo pass, is first three songs, no flash and maybe you get to hang for the show. This protocol is fading more all the time as artists' "handlers" get more and more uptight about images. Kind of crazy with all the cell phones you see, taking crappy quality photos that end up all over the place. I arrived at Red Rocks, and how nice to be treated with such respect as an artist! I was allowed to crawl all over that place, including the stage. I never bothered going in front where all the other shooters were for their restricted time and access. As a result, I got some of the best concert photographs  I've taken, ever. And the band and management concurred. This particular shot was literally at the very end of his last song, taken from stage right. A moment that needs no explanation. Perfection. John Butler himself regards it as one of his very favorites. Stay tuned for more from this show and other concert faves from over the years. Subscribe to Photography G newsletter

B.B. King, King of the Blues!

On April 11, 2008 a dream concert shoot finally happened: I photographed B.B. King, the king of the blues! Over the years I have been blessed to photograph so many of my favorite bands and become known for my Denver concert photography. But not all of the performers bear the mantle of honest to goodness legendary status. I had always hoped for the opportunity to document in my own style, this amazing patriarch of the blues. Hope isn't always enough to make your dreams come true. So when I heard the king was coming, I had to make something happen. He wasn't getting any younger! I had by now made some connections in the industry so I reached out and one thing led to another which led to getting B.B's manager's phone number. Somewhat to my surprise, permission was granted and just myself and one other photographer were in the photo "pit" on that night at the Buell Theater. B.B. King, king of the blues, photographed by the king of Denver concert photography This was a pivotal night for me for another reason. It was my first time shooting something that truly mattered with a digital camera. I was a die-hard film fan. I still love it and miss it being the mainstream medium of the day. But that night, I was advised our time shooting King may be quite short as old school bluesmen usually let their band warm up the crowd for a tune or two. Not knowing what kind of light we were going to have or how much time, I decided to pull out my new digital camera as with that, I could change my ISO setting in nearly an instant. I was very pleased with the results and during the course of just one song I made several shots that rank among my favorites. This shot here is one of them, capturing that great joy B.B. King always exhibits when he gets to play the blues for a live audience. The detail, colors and latitude of digital capture had finally come around to my exacting standards. Subscribe to Photography G newsletter

Fashion Photos for Print

Fashion photos for print work is definitely up there as far as what a lot of photographers aspire to do with their careers. This kind of work can afford travel to beautiful locations and the opportunity to work with models who can definitely make your work easier. Depending on their level of expertise and their ability to know themselves and how to "work it" for the cameras, working with a professional model can make for a very smooth session. Fashion Photos for Print I did this shoot a few autumns back, in Hollywood and Malibu for a designer I met in Denver who was in town for the big Western English Sales Expo that coincides with our famous National Western Stock Show. She invited me to L.A. for the session. The first half of the shoot we did at her Hollywood Hills home. It was (of course) a lovely and unique place to do photography. I was really lit up with excitement and creativity that was contagious and the shoot went great! The designer, Marrika Nakk, was thrilled - so much so, she requested I take the models to the beach (oh, I suppose..) and make it happen without her. She was in extreme pain having recently broken her arm. She flipped with joy when she saw the results. Several of the shots are represented in this ad she ran with my images. We now enjoy a great friendship and I look forward to returning to California for more work soon! Fashion Photos for Print Subscribe to Photography G newsletter