Tell Me Tuesday – Where it All Began: When I Met Gregg Allman

Garrett Hacking of Photography G with Gregg AllmanWelcome to “Tell Me Tuesdays” where I will tell the story behind some of my most popular and famous photos. My audience often asks for the “how”, “where” and “what” about my images, and how I have made a good living with a camera for nearly 20 years. After all that time, as it happens, there are some great stories. I hope you will stay on for the ride and enjoy the show each week as the stories unfold.

I will begin with where it all began, if you will, with rock and roll photography. One of the most often asked questions I get is, “How did you get into photographing all these famous musicians?

Answer: Gregg Allman. A looong time ago, when I wasn’t even old enough to get into the club,Gregg Allman performing on stage with his guitar he was playing in Minneapolis. But with an assist from my older brother and the right “attitude,” I got in. I made my first images with a 35mm film camera, which I had actually found. I was compelled to capture the intensity of live performance and bring it home.

What “opened the door” to my career was the open door that led to Gregg’s dressing room that night. I caught a glimpse of him as I was heading to the bathroom. I went in the “wrong door” and stood face to face with one of the most famous and renowned blues vocalists, writers and performers in all of rock and roll. And he was in there by himself! Turns out he is a very kind man. After I made a request, he invited me to come back in with a famous poster I had (super rare as it turns out), and he graciously signed it and posed for a photo. This story goes on and I will continue it down the line in subsequent posts, but suffice to say that poster, with his signature, opened even bigger doors in the next couple years.

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Photography G Wins Couples’ Choice Award for 3rd Year in a Row!

Photography G Couple's Choice Award 2016

Photography G is excited to announce that we have received the “Couples’ Choice Award” for the third year in a row from Wedding Wire! WeddingWire Couples’ Choice Awards® recipients represent the top five percent of wedding professionals within the WeddingWire Network who demonstrate excellence in quality, service, responsiveness and professionalism.

Photography G strives to photograph weddings with an unobtrusive photojournalistic style that allows you to not only enjoy your day, but for us to capture candid moments that you will cherish throughout your marriage. We give our full artistic talent towards only you on your wedding day, capturing every heart-warming moment from getting ready to your reception.

Garrett Hacking has been a professional photographer for over 20 years. His start in Rock and Roll photography taught him the value of the decisive moment, and has crossed over into all genres of photography. Garrett’s unique eye for detail has grown over the decades along with a stunning reputation for professional photography across the United States and abroad.

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How to Properly Photograph in the Snow


DENVER– Its that time of year to break out the snow boots and get to work on building snowmen, snow angels or maybe even an igloo. These are precious memories that should be photographed but unless your camera has a little help from you that fresh snow your children are playing in will look gray and mucky in the photograph. With the help of one of the finest portrait photographers in Denver, you can make sure that the snowman melting in your driveway is immortalized in a photograph that has the perfect exposure for snow and detail.

Most camera users want to snap and go but as we saw with Schulz the Schnauzer your camera does not always know best. The same issues we had with Schulz the black dog apply to white snow, only instead of closing down 2/3 a stop you open up two stops (see photo on right). Point-and-shoot cameras usually have the “P” function which we affectionately refer to as P for Professional. While on the “P” setting of the dial you can change the exposure bracketing. With Schulz and the Ladybug, we had to close down to accurately render what shade of black Schulz really is. With snow we have to open up some so the snow doesn’t come out gray.


The two pictures to the left are examples of what to do when your camera reads the snow as gray instead of white. The first picture on the left was taken on automatic without changing any settings. The picture on the right was taken after the bracket was opened two stops. You can see what a huge difference this makes. Instead of seeing a dreary day reflected through the lens we have an exposure that is right on with the detail of the dog and the white snow.

Winter is officially upon us which means kids of all ages will be racing to the places with the steepest sledding hills or the thickest snow for throwing. When it comes time to snap that picture of Dad being pummeled by snowballs you’ll know exactly what to do to with your camera to capture the moment with perfect contrast. For all your photography needs, leave it to the experts of photography in Denver, Photography G. who know when to open up when to close down and most importantly when to snap the shutter.

When To Bracket Your Exposures.

Bracketing Your CameraDENVER–It is easy to rely on the automatic functions of your camera to make photographs, but allowing the camera to think for you is actually working against you.  Renowned Denver portrait photographer Garrett Hacking of Photography G, is not only a master of light and shadow but is an expert on ideal camera settings.

Many camera users don’t realize the freedom that even a point-and-shoot gives.  It’s tempting to leave the dial set on the automatic green box but when it comes to taking high contrast images like this black dog with a bright background, your camera will mislead you.

Automatic functions want to render the subject as neutral gray even if it is a white dress or a black suit.  By changing to the “P” setting that most cameras have, you can have more control.  We like to jokingly refer to this as P for Professional but in reality this function gives any user more control. To get the ideal exposure all it takes is a spin of the dial.  This bracket (pictured right) is the best way to compensate for these moments.

Automatic Functions

Automatic Functions

The Decisive Moment

After compensating for black dog.

In these photographs we have a black dog (not just any dog..Schulz!) and a bright wall. In the first shot the camera was set on automatic making it too bright.  Instinctively, the full automatic setting makes the dog lighter and make the background too bright.  In the second photo Hacking has bracketed down to get the right depth and contrast.  He knows the best way to capture this moment with the ladybug on the dog’s nose is by bracketing down 2/3 of a stop which is shown in the red circle of the photo above.

Pet photography is difficult. Photographing a dog takes patience and knowledge of your camera.  In this instance, there is only a split second to think before the ladybug flies off, by knowing your camera and its settings you can switch to the correct exposure before the moment is lost.  The beauty of digital photography is that you can view it instantly and don’t have to worry about wasting film.  The more you practice and the more you shoot, the better your photographs will be. When you want to join your dog in the photos, time to call Photography G!  303-444-69994

Mumford and Sons BRING IT to Taos!





Garrett Hacking, owner of Photography G and renowned for his live band photography in Denver, brought his unique photographic perspective to Taos, New Mexico for the biggest show in the town’s history. The hottest touring act in the world, Mumford and Sons chose to play the magical artistic community of Taos over Albuquerque and Santa Fe to the delight of locals and fans from all over the country who came to see the boys from the U.K. rock it with their grammy award winning folk/bluegrass/rock blend. “This all came together for me rather last minute which tends to be the most fun and adventurous. I had no idea just how huge these guys are! And what great energy and presence they bring to the stage. Very dynamic and a whole lot of fun to photograph.” Garrett winds up his trip to the Land of Enchantment and hits the road for a busy upcoming week of photography in Denver. Many thanks to Dawn Richardson of The Taos Solar Music Fest for making all of this possible!

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A Lovely June Wedding at Lionscrest Manor

002-Photo G-5202

June! Lyons, Colorado. What more perfect time and place to have a wedding! While I love doing photography in Denver, I relish the opportunity to take a little break from my wedding photography in Denver and get away to my favorite foothills  destinations of which I consider Lionscrest Manor to be among the finest. This lucky couple had a day that was absolutely perfect in every way. Light, the first thing I look for, great temperatures, no wind and the colors and scents of Spring, everywhere. I even took some extra time to indulge my love for Colorado landscape photography the next day.  The  first rate staff at Lionscrest, location, amenities and the surrounding community make this venue a top recommendation from this wedding professional who has seen plenty of venues in Colorado and around the world.

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Taos Solar Fest, Sunday July 1, 2012

Michael Franti

Matt Kearney

Cucu Diamante

Robert Mirabal

Sonny Landreth

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Taos Solar Fest, Sat.June 30, 2012


Del McCoury

Lyle Lovett

Los Lobos

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Goin’ Out West…….







Welcome to the West. The Wild, Wild West. Your tour guide for this shoot is none other than the man known for photography in Denver, Garrett Hacking and the Photography G crew – this day, his amazing and talented assistant Ashley Hattle  and 303 Magazine makeup artist of the year, Becky Laschanzky. Already renowned for his wedding photography in Denver, the photographer has been taking the fashion world by storm beginning with his recent shoot in Los Angeles for acclaimed fashion designer Marrika Nakk who proclaimed Garrett to have “the finest eye for light I have seen in my 30 years in the business.” Building on that momentum and Marrika’s urging, Garrett is extending his talents as a Colorado commercial photographer to include more Western Fashion work, a market that has been exploding more than ever in recent years. Garrett looks forward to working with these impressive designers, wherever they may want him to work, as well as returning to L.A. and Santa Fe to do more work with Marrika Nakk Designs.

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A Special Portfolio: Light, Luscious, Love, Lifestyle, and More!


Welcome to a New Portfolio Collection….

001-Photo G-IMG_4753


053-Photo G-IMG_5288


009-Photo G-IMG_4848


040-Photo G-IMG_8999


005-Photo G-brook

And More….

043-Photo G-BB King Color

Welcome to a new and exciting portfolio collection drawn from years of diverse and passionate work from Colorado commercial photographer Garrett Hacking. While his company, Photography G, has become renowned for all kinds of photography in Denver, it is Garrett’s work in fashion and commercial photography that is stirring a renewed passion for his craft. “It is common for artists of all kinds to have and peaks and valleys in their creative process.” says the photographer. “From my perspective, it is this exact roller coaster ride if you will, that keeps the creative juices stirred and consistently tasty! A healthy balance is absolutely necessary to survive as an artist both creatively, emotionally and yes, financially. That is what separates the real deal from the weekend warriors which digital photography has opened the door to more than ever. You don’t need a license to be a photographer. I wish you did. Few shooters these days have even bothered to go to art school or photography school like I did. And I loved it! There is no substitute for that training. Likewise, there is no fooling people in the commercial world. They are used to working with the top creatives in the industry and I am finding it refreshing to return my talents to a field where there is no faking experience and talent. I am not by any means turning my back on my wedding photography in Denver and beyond. I love it! The pendulum for me is simply swinging back for the time being toward the fashion and commercial world. As I tell my clients from all realms, it is this broad spectrum of experience that helps distinguish me from so many other photographers. To be able to cross-pollinate from one genre to another is consistently a quality in my work that all types of my clients continually express tremendous appreciation for!”

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