A Beautiful Fall Wedding in Steamboat Springs, CO


In my opinion, there is no better month, and no better place to be in Colorado, or anywhere for that matter, than Steamboat Springs in September. And what more perfect time and place to have a wedding! While I love doing photography in Denver, I relish the opportunity to take a little break from my wedding photography in Denver and get away to my favorite wedding mountain destinations of which I consider Steamboat Mountain to be among the finest. This lucky couple had a day that was absolutely perfect in every way. Light, the first thing I look for, great temperatures, no wind and Fall colors going wild. I even took some extra time to indulge my love for Colorado landscape photography the next day. The first rate staff at Steamboat Resorts, location, amenities and the surrounding community make this venue a top recommendation from this wedding professional who has seen plenty of venues in Colorado and around the world.