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Paris at Night


Eiffel Tower


Latin District


River Seine


Notre Dame


Eiffel Tower


Arc de Triomphe


Notre Dame


Eiffel Tower


River Seine and the Louvre






Luxor Obelisk and Ferris Wheel

Denver photographer Garrett Hacking recently visited Paris France during the Holiday season. Known as "The City of Lights" already, things amp up during the holidays as the city transforms into one giant holiday village. Here, Garrett shows us some of the famous sites such as the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Arc de Triomphe, Luxor Obelisk and the Ferris Wheel, Champs-Elysees, The River Seine, and the Latin District in all there night time glory. The Colorado wedding photographer relished the chance to visit such a beautiful and cultured city. "Everyone was always amazed I hadn't been to Paris. I'd get that amazement that as an artist and particularly a photographer I had never been there. So, I got that monkey off my back. And it was amazing! Just look at the night scene from the Latin District and all that color. And it is just a random intersection. Next up Italy!"

Where’s Schulz?  He’s Celebrating his Birthday!

001_IMG_0640002_IMG_0644003_IMG_0651004_IMG_0654005_IMG_0694 Colorado photographer Garrett Hacking continues his pet portrait series following the continuing exploits of the Miniature Schnauzer named Schulz. Here, Schulz is celebrating his birthday with a new toy. The 10th of January is the day Colorado wedding photographer Garrett Hacking adopted Schulz from Vintage Dog Rescue. His age is estimated at 3 - 5 years but Garrett calls him the "Benjamin Button" dog because he seems to get younger every day!

Barcelona Spain

001_IMG_5495002_IMG_5330003_IMG_5355004_IMG_5425005_IMG_5383006_IMG_0263007_IMG_5445008_IMG_5411009_IMG_5456010_IMG_0299 Colorado photographer Garrett Hacking recently traveled to Europe for a Fall visit that included Barcelona Spain. "It was my first visit to Spain and very exciting to see the many amazing sites in and around the city. There is so much history and amazing architecture. The Gaudi work of course is everywhere and wholly unique. Las Ramblas, the main walking thoroughfare, is full of great sights, sounds and smells. And, anytime you put your toes in a new sea for the first time is a spiritual experience - especially the Mediterranean." A Colorado wedding photographer, Garrett hopes to expand his business abroad and do some weddings in exotic locales. "Colorado photography will always be my number one love because that is home and I am not leaving. But at this point in my life, that travel urge has yet to subside and I enjoy exploring new places, meeting new faces here in Colorado, North America and definitely Europe."