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G’s Super Secret Photo Tips - 3-31-10

Welcome! Here is where the rubber hits the road. Tip one. Beginning from the basics. This catches all my assistants off guard when they first come to work for me. But, as you read on you will see it makes total sense. I am sure, like many of them, you are victim to this mentality and really, on a certain level it makes complete sense. But, you will see my point. One of many that will hopefully keep you coming back. My goal is to help you be the best photographer you can be, wherever you wish to take this art form. So here goes: Filters. Many of you have the clear "sky filter". Looks like this: Consider this. It does protect your lens. But at a price. Your lens, which surely cost more than that filter, has now become only as good as that last piece of glass you are shooting through. Like shooting through plexi glass at a hockey game. Doesn't look too hot. Look at this lens: Notice the last element is curved? There is a reason for that. Trust me. Look again at the filters. Flat. So, I suggest you lose the filters, get a lens hood for some protection (and reduces lens flare) and just use more caution when handling you gear. Your photos will be better for it!

Welcome to G’s Super Secret Photo Tips

Welcome to my Super Secret Photo Tips! While these are by name "secret", feel free to share this blog with other aspiring photographers you may know whether they be professional or amateur. Welcome all! Whether you use this: or this: this: or this: you will find useful photography tips to help you become a better portrait photographer, landscape and wildlife photographer and even a better band/concert photographer. I will even share tips that have helped me become a successful Colorado wedding photographer. So, bookmark this blog and check back to learn more each month. My goal is to get new tips to you monthly at the least. Thanks and drop me a line anytime with questions or comments!

Denver St. Patricks Day Parade 2010

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Saturday March 13th saw the 48th annual St. Patrick's Day parade in the LoDo area of downtown Denver, Colorado. The day was stunning, with bright blue skies, warm sunshine and throngs of happy people decked out in their best green outfits. Estimates put the crowd size at around 212,000 people, one of the largest crowds ever to attend. The Denver parade is one of the largest in the U.S.A.. Colorado wedding photographer Garrett Hacking was on the scene. "St. Patrick's Day is a favorite holiday of mine (I have Irish in me and it is my favorite part!) and the parade is extra special. My dad, who passed away a few years ago, loved the parade in St. Paul, Minnesota. We would go every year and then go to a legendary pub called the Half Time Rec and listen to a fabulous Irish band - The Irish Brigade. I miss those days sure as I miss him" continues the Denver portrait photographer. "I have been to the Denver parade many, many times and it is hoot!" The band photographer also has a new favorite Irish group in his new adopted state. "The Indulgers! They are bomb diggitty! Be sure to check them out!"