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Joe Ades “The Peeler Man” NYC 2006

Denver portrait photographer Garrett Hacking has visited the Big Apple on a number of occasions beginning in 1996 when the band photographer visited the Beacon Theater for a run of Allman Brothers Band shows. It would be 10 years later that Garrett, now a renowned Colorado wedding photographer, would unwittingly come across another famous person while in New York City. Joe Ades, known to New Yorkers as the "Peeler Man".001_Joe Ades NYC "I am always on the lookout for interesting subjects be they human or objects. New York is of course target rich. I am particularly drawn to human characters and Joe obviously stood out. I usually try to have some semblance of a camera with me at all times so I was fortunate to be able to make some portraits of Joe at work. I had no idea what a "legend" he was and how well known he was to most all citizens of Manhattan. I especially didn't know his amazing story until I saw the piece about him on CBS Sunday morning recently. The guy made a fortune! Lived in a Park Ave. apartment, drove a Rolls Royce and put his daughter through Columbia. Schlepping peelers on a street corner! Way to go Joe!!" 002_Joe Ades NYC

003_Joe Ades NYC

004_Joe Ades NYC

005_Joe Ades NYC

006_Joe Ades NYC

Rare Photographs Inside the Colorado Rockies Dugout


Todd Helton & Jason Giambi readying for the game.IMG_7687

The Strategists.


The Lineups.


Ian Stewart

....and more!

Denver portrait photographer Garrett Hacking recently traveled to Albuquerque, New Mexico to take in the last two Colorado Rockies spring training games. The Colorado photographer thankfully brought his cameras as he had unprecedented views into the Rockies' dugout. Access like this is rare in big league parks. Garrett was able to hear coaching, see signals called and hear nicknames shouted from the bench. "I am a bit of a baseball nut." the Colorado wedding photographer confesses. "I have merged my two passions (photography and baseball) in recent years and come up with some killer photos from the field. I really enjoy every perspective in a ball park and look forward to visiting many more in the coming years."