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Amy & Brian at The Lodge and Spa at Cordillera

Amy and Brian are very familiar with the beauty and surroundings of the valley and amazing locale that distinguishes The Lodge and Spa at Cordillera from the myriad of lovely choices of wedding venues in the surrounding area. They happen to be locals. Which makes their choice of Garrett Hacking and Photography G all the more curious. Of all the "local" photography choices they had, they still loved the expert known nationwide for not only his wedding photography in Denver but for his unique perspective on shooting weddings anywhere in the world . A perspective based originally on his years of photographing internationally known bands where his ability to anticipate and capture moments instinctually while being unobtrusive made all the the difference. This lovely couple really wanted a personality that would fit in with their desire to have a classy, yet fun and relaxed event. Garrett Hacking and his years of experience of photography in Denver, statewide in Colorado and far beyond, fit the bill for this lovely couple perfectly!

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Where’s Schulz?  Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler!


The party Schnauzer, Garrett Hacking's bad boy, Schulz, seems to be knocking a few back while scoping out the Pekingese and Poodles parading by the pad. Ah! The city life of this handsome boy. Garrett wondered: "What the Hell is this red velvet rope outside my door? I came home " he continued, "with a huge load of groceries...I guess it was around 4:30 pm, er...that would be mountain time" Hacking told 9 News reporters. "There were a few hot dogs (no pun intended) waiting outside but what really ticked me off was the Bulldog who asked for my I.D. to get in. Schulz was already in his cups and was of no use. It's going to be a Heck of a night...I just don't know...." said the Denver wedding photographer carrying his groceries in under the watchful eyes and drool of all hound breeds waiting in the now growing line.




Garrett Hacking at Legendary Jerry Ghionis’ Workshop


Widely considered a formidable creative force in photography in Denver, Photography G's owner Garrett Hacking carved out a valuable week of time for a very special opportunity to study with world renowned photographer Jerry Ghionis. A rare stop to teach wedding photography in Denver, Jerry commandeered a local studio for a full week to impart his knowledge of photography on a select few photographers who had traveled from as far away as Alaska and the Boston area. Ghionis shared aspects of his shooting skill set as well as tried and true business practices. Local modeling talent was brought in with which to demonstrate his shooting techniques as well as to allow the photographers to work with. More examples of Garrett's perspective with the talent can be seen below. That work was subsequently critiqued by the Australian photographer himself. "Jerry is widely regarded as one of the top five wedding and portrait photographers in the world" says Garrett Hacking, himself recognized among the favorite portrait photographers in Denver. "Learning in this business never stops. Especially with the advent of digital photography and the speed with which everything is moving. So I see no reason, if one can afford it, not to study with the very best. Usually that requires traveling to them as I did a few years ago to study with Denis Reggie, also regarded in the top five worldwide. Denis and Jerry have very different approaches, both producing results I consider to be exceptional. So it is nice to have worked with both and take from each, throw it in a blender with my sensibilities and keep moving forward with an ever developing skill set to bring to my clients."




Jerry Ghionis coaches the models.


Tammy was a very good sport!