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When To Bracket Your Exposures.

Bracketing Your CameraDENVER--It is easy to rely on the automatic functions of your camera to make photographs, but allowing the camera to think for you is actually working against you. Renowned Denver portrait photographer Garrett Hacking of Photography G, is not only a master of light and shadow but is an expert on ideal camera settings. Many camera users don't realize the freedom that even a point-and-shoot gives. It's tempting to leave the dial set on the automatic green box but when it comes to taking high contrast images like this black dog with a bright background, your camera will mislead you. Automatic functions want to render the subject as neutral gray even if it is a white dress or a black suit. By changing to the "P" setting that most cameras have, you can have more control. We like to jokingly refer to this as P for Professional but in reality this function gives any user more control. To get the ideal exposure all it takes is a spin of the dial. This bracket (pictured right) is the best way to compensate for these moments.

In these photographs we have a black dog (not just any dog..Schulz!) and a bright wall. In the first shot the camera was set on automatic making it too bright. Instinctively, the full automatic setting makes the dog lighter and make the background too bright. In the second photo Hacking has bracketed down to get the right depth and contrast. He knows the best way to capture this moment with the ladybug on the dog's nose is by bracketing down 2/3 of a stop which is shown in the red circle of the photo above. Pet photography is difficult. Photographing a dog takes patience and knowledge of your camera. In this instance, there is only a split second to think before the ladybug flies off, by knowing your camera and its settings you can switch to the correct exposure before the moment is lost. The beauty of digital photography is that you can view it instantly and don't have to worry about wasting film. The more you practice and the more you shoot, the better your photographs will be. When you want to join your dog in the photos, time to call Photography G! 303-444-69994