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How to Properly Photograph in the Snow

camera-bracket-over-twostops DENVER-- Its that time of year to break out the snow boots and get to work on building snowmen, snow angels or maybe even an igloo. These are precious memories that should be photographed but unless your camera has a little help from you that fresh snow your children are playing in will look gray and mucky in the photograph. With the help of one of the finest portrait photographers in Denver, you can make sure that the snowman melting in your driveway is immortalized in a photograph that has the perfect exposure for snow and detail. Most camera users want to snap and go but as we saw with Schulz the Schnauzer your camera does not always know best. The same issues we had with Schulz the black dog apply to white snow, only instead of closing down 2/3 a stop you open up two stops (see photo on right). Point-and-shoot cameras usually have the "P" function which we affectionately refer to as P for Professional. While on the "P" setting of the dial you can change the exposure bracketing. With Schulz and the Ladybug, we had to close down to accurately render what shade of black Schulz really is. With snow we have to open up some so the snow doesn't come out gray. IMG_0185IMG_0187 The two pictures to the left are examples of what to do when your camera reads the snow as gray instead of white. The first picture on the left was taken on automatic without changing any settings. The picture on the right was taken after the bracket was opened two stops. You can see what a huge difference this makes. Instead of seeing a dreary day reflected through the lens we have an exposure that is right on with the detail of the dog and the white snow. Winter is officially upon us which means kids of all ages will be racing to the places with the steepest sledding hills or the thickest snow for throwing. When it comes time to snap that picture of Dad being pummeled by snowballs you'll know exactly what to do to with your camera to capture the moment with perfect contrast. For all your photography needs, leave it to the experts of photography in Denver, Photography G. who know when to open up when to close down and most importantly when to snap the shutter.