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Tell all Tuesday THE Kiss

Doug & Jo Kiss-Photography G This photo stands with my favorites to this day because it is so authentic. The "you may kiss the bride" moment. I can pose and coach people very well, but what could I have ever said during portrait time (kiss for the camera) that could top the real deal? This was used on my first wedding business card. My designer Photoshopped the officiant's head out. I said "No, no, no! That authenticates that this is the real deal, at the alter." A photojournalistic, artful shot in the moment. I didn't start out as a shooter doing wedding photography in Denver. It all began with concert photography which was where I honed my skills for anticipating and capturing moments by instinct. I went on to succeed in my Colorado portrait photography, Denver commercial photography and then one of the first couples to request me for their wedding is pictured above. When I got the proofs back, I knew I had found another genre for my talent. I loved it! What an amazing day to be a part of. And to be trusted to capture all of it, as the photographs are the lasting impression of the day. Yes!

Tell All Tuesday! The Eagle takes Flight.

Google+-Eagle (1 of 1) A favorite wildlife photo. Not Colorado photography, I took this in Homer, Alaska. This majestic bird sat on that wood perch forever.. and ever.. Well maybe a half hour but when you come across something like this unexpectedly and have no tripod, it basically means holding the camera to the eye the whole time. Because you know darn well the minute you don't, off he goes. And it was that split second right when he took off that I wanted to nail. You always see the eagle soaring photos. This shot I feel, is more unique. And people love it! In fact I made a motivational poster of it adding the quote by Virgil "They can because they think they can". If you are interested in purchasing this unique piece for yourself or as a great gift, drop me a line. Each poster is hand signed. By me, not the eagle. Cheers, Garrett IMG_3284

Tell Me Tuesday - Where it All Began: When I Met Gregg Allman

Garrett Hacking of Photography G with Gregg AllmanWelcome to “Tell Me Tuesdays” where I will tell the story behind some of my most popular and famous photos. My audience often asks for the “how”, “where” and “what” about my images, and how I have made a good living with a camera for nearly 20 years. After all that time, as it happens, there are some great stories. I hope you will stay on for the ride and enjoy the show each week as the stories unfold. I will begin with where it all began, if you will, with rock and roll photography. One of the most often asked questions I get is, “How did you get into photographing all these famous musicians?Answer: Gregg Allman. A looong time ago, when I wasn’t even old enough to get into the club,Gregg Allman performing on stage with his guitar he was playing in Minneapolis. But with an assist from my older brother and the right “attitude,” I got in. I made my first images with a 35mm film camera, which I had actually found. I was compelled to capture the intensity of live performance and bring it home. What “opened the door” to my career was the open door that led to Gregg’s dressing room that night. I caught a glimpse of him as I was heading to the bathroom. I went in the “wrong door” and stood face to face with one of the most famous and renowned blues vocalists, writers and performers in all of rock and roll. And he was in there by himself! Turns out he is a very kind man. After I made a request, he invited me to come back in with a famous poster I had (super rare as it turns out), and he graciously signed it and posed for a photo. This story goes on and I will continue it down the line in subsequent posts, but suffice to say that poster, with his signature, opened even bigger doors in the next couple years. Some of my iconic photos of rock and roll legends are available for purchase, contact Photography G at 303-444-6994. We provide professional photography to all of Colorado and abroad.