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Snowy Owl Up Close

To see a snowy owl up close is indeed a rare thing. There are two main reasons these owls are rare to sneak up on. Unlike most other owl species, snowy owls hunt mainly in the daytime. Snowy owls are highly nomadic and their movements are tied to the abundance of their primary prey species, lemmings. They are known to aggressively defend their nests and will attack those that disturb their nests. These reasons made this approach particularly Snowy owl up close in the early winter snow.challenging. I spotted this bird of prey while hunting pheasants in central South Dakota in early winter. It is either an immature bird or still changing color to adapt to recently arrived winter. My first photo was from the truck window. Then I thought I may as well try and get closer. So I would take a step, freeze..take a step...freeze. All the while, my hands were freezing as I had started my stalk without gloves. I did get to within 15 yards of this beauty. I can feel my pinky finger ache to this day when it gets cold out. But, the photo lasts a lifetime. I always kid my wedding clients to "suffer for the art" if conditions aren't ideal, for that very reason! Subscribe to Photography G newsletter

Tell All Tuesday: Icon Award Double Finalist

I am humbled and honored to have been selected as a Judges' Finalist and People's Choice Finalist for best photography at the prestigious Icon Awards. Last summer I teamed up with a favorite industry partner, Three Tomatoes Catering, to capture their artistry and the action at Urban Nights Denver Icon Award Double Finalist photo. Denver Colorado2015. Then, after encouragement from my colleagues and peers, I submitted my work for the Icon Awards. The judging is done by nationally recognized judges outside of the Denver area, from Chicago, L.A., and Dallas who carefully critique each entry. Finalists are chosen based on creativity, originality and execution of service. I was also selected by individuals as a People's Choice finalist! This photo is from the runway fashion show (largest ever in Denver) portion of the evening. Look at her left leg step and foot flex, the synched right arm swing - she's a pro! Then..I anticipate that moment,! I decided for a little added creativity, I would submit my work in a folio in the guise of a magazine cover, so I added the design work around the image. See more of my fashion and modeling photography. Thanks to Mares Video for giving me a heads up I was selected! And special thanks to Three Tomatoes Catering for having me be a part of this amazing event. Your work elevates the beauty of any event!

Tell All Tuesday: The Last Shot

Google+-846_violinistsillouhetteWhen you are passionate about what you do, you often don't feel like you are "working". That is the case when I am shooting for myself or others. I never really "quit". I made this photo at a wedding after I had fulfilled my contracted duties. I had just packed my gear away, taken it to my car and then heard this beautiful violin music coming from down by the water. It was a band member getting ready for a second set. As soon as I saw him in the dusk light by the water's edge, I knew what I had to do. In my mind's eye I saw this as a silhouette and exposed accordingly. I also anticipated the perfect moment of his bow hand. Creativity meets opportunity, equals this favorite shot of quite a moment!