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A Classic Red Rocks Concert Photo

A few years back I created what would become a classic Red Rocks concert photo. I am happy to share that the photograph was selected to be included in the the new coffee table book Red Rocks, the Concert Years, put out by G. Brown and Colorado Music Hall of Fame. He will be spinning stories and signing the book tonight, 7 p.m. at The Tattered Cover on Colfax. I hope to see you there! Here is the story of how this photo came to be. A Classic Red Rocks Concert Photo Australian supergroup The John Butler Trio was in town. A perennial Red Rocks favorite, they played an intimate show the night before at the Fox Theater in Boulder which I photographed. The next day I was feeling a cold coming on, you know that feeling? When things start getting scratchy, energy flags.. I was looking forward to a cozy night at home resting. Then the phone rang. It was the lighting guy from Red Rocks who also does the Fox lighting. John Butler's management had just had the "UH OH!" moment realizing a fantastic Red Rocks show was going to happen and they had no one lined up for some amazing Denver concert photography. So I got the call. Not too keyed up honestly, to haul out to Red Rocks not feeling well, I had terms. Payment! Check. Four VIP passes for some friends (darn sure wasn't going to drive myself lol!). Check. ALL ACCESS, all night. Check. Ok, we're on! The last one, ALL ACCESS, was really key. Normal protocol for a photo pass, is first three songs, no flash and maybe you get to hang for the show. This protocol is fading more all the time as artists' "handlers" get more and more uptight about images. Kind of crazy with all the cell phones you see, taking crappy quality photos that end up all over the place. I arrived at Red Rocks, and how nice to be treated with such respect as an artist! I was allowed to crawl all over that place, including the stage. I never bothered going in front where all the other shooters were for their restricted time and access. As a result, I got some of the best concert photographs  I've taken, ever. And the band and management concurred. This particular shot was literally at the very end of his last song, taken from stage right. A moment that needs no explanation. Perfection. John Butler himself regards it as one of his very favorites. Stay tuned for more from this show and other concert faves from over the years. Subscribe to Photography G newsletter