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3 Reasons Your Wedding Photographer is Your Most Important Vendor

3 Reasons Your Wedding Photographer is an Important VendorThere are a thousand moving parts when it comes to planning the perfect wedding. The photographer you choose to do your wedding is usually the most central aspect of your day. A wedding photographer is with you from when you don that beautiful dress to the final dance at your reception. Many couples think a friend of a friend who recently took up photography is a great way to save money, but you’ll likely lose when it comes to the memories of your wedding day.

At Photography G in Denver, we strive to give brides and grooms unique, stunning photos. We’ve compiled a few reasons why your wedding photographer is your most important vendor including:

1. Pictures are Timeless.

Flowers will wilt, and the food will be eaten, but your photographer holds the highest responsibility when it comes to your entire wedding. The photographer is charged with capturing all of the candid moments as well as the tiniest details such as boutonnières and bouquets. A talented photographer can do all of this without being obtrusive and in your way.

2. Save on Time.

A skilled photographer can help you stay on time while also allowing you those precious moments you need to soak in your experience. Our photographer, Garrett Hacking, takes pride in communicating with the other vendors throughout the day including your wedding planner, caterer, officiant and—most importantly—you. We like to know the details so we can take striking photos while also keeping your wedding on track. Additionally, we partner with venues such as Lionscrest Manor to help streamline your planning process.

3. Remember the Moments You Missed.

3 Reasons Your Wedding Photographer is an Important VendorOne of the greatest compliments we’ve received from clients is when they comment on seeing moments of their wedding that they either missed or forgot in the rush from the ceremony to the reception. Brides and grooms are typically caught up in the mystique of their wedding and miss the adorable moment when the kids are the only ones on the dance floor spinning around in circles.

Your wedding is one of the biggest and life-changing events of your life. Your photographer should be a professional whose skill and talent are showcased in each frame.

Schedule your consultation with Photography G in Denver today by calling (303) 444-6994. We offer an array of wedding photography packages and look forward to discussing your upcoming nuptials. Garrett provides experienced photography to clients in Denver, Boulder, Lyons and throughout Colorado.