Artful Sunset in Paris

An artful sunset in Paris: the city of lights. Nothing tops what the big light in the sky can do. The "golden hour" occurs in the waning hour or so of evening as well as early in the morning. Since I am late in posting this today, I elected for a favorite sunset shot. And nothing beats the glorious Eiffel Tower and the Seine's magical bridges and historic lamps and lanterns. Artful Sunset in Paris You will notice in a lot of my work I shoot silhouette. I like the shapes and outlines I can see in my mind's eye. In reality, all of the foreground is completely visible. Through"stopping down" your exposure, you eliminate shadow details and help some details in the highlights shine (nice pun) through. Another valuable note.. even though I was exhausted from the travel, I got my butt out the door the afternoon I landed for what would be the first and last sunset on an otherwise mostly cloudy and rainy trip. Seize the moment, it may never come again!