Chaos Turns to Widespread Panic - Day Four


Considering that Widespread Panic was about to spread widely, things were pretty chill at the Taos Solar Music Festival. T minus 30 minutes to the concert, and folks still had room for a three-way Frisbee game at Kit Carson Park.

Behind the scenes, consummate concert photographer, Garrett Hacking, said hi to Sunny Ortiz, who he first met 15 years ago in St. Paul, Minnesota.



Summer solstice being what it is, the sun was still shining when Widespread Panic took the stage. The crowd materialized out of thin air and pressed to the stage.



And Garrett went to work capturing the action.


The sun set, the concert light show came on, the music enveloped the crowd and the air got thicker. Truth be told, your reporter, Bonnie Biafore, did have to inhale. It was a 3 hour concert so breathing was required. I couldn't help but admire the Dr. Suess-like hat on a fellow concert-goer. Turns out, Wild Card's hat was once worn by Robert Plant .


Widespread Panic and guest guitarist Eric McFadden launched into an awe and dance-inspiring cover of Mississippi bluesman Bukka White's Fixin' To Die. The music reached a crescendo and then went higher.


A rare rendition of Dream Song opened the encore, followed by Pilgrims. The third encore tune was a raucous Ain't Life Grand, running past the 11 PM curfew. But the fun and music isn't over. Three nights at Red Rocks are coming up this weekend. Then it won't be long and Garrett will switch gears back to some award winning wedding photography in Denver. Variety is the spice of his life!