Chili Cook-off at K.J’s in Denver!

All about his love of photography in Denver, Garrett Hacking has another aim and focus: his passion for hunting and cooking! The tools for this trade are primitive weapons: muzzle loading rifles (think Daniel Boone) and bows and arrows (think Robin Hood). His love of hunting culminates in cooking what he harvests. "Being a part of the entire process, from the hunt to the kitchen, makes the experience so fulfilling. Preparing the meat I hunted for friends and family is a delight! When I cook I am reminded of the hunt: the sights and smells of the Fall woods, the camaraderie I feel with old friends and the chance to see animals you never do on a casual hike. And I love the 'Ah ha!' moment when they taste these unique flavors." In this case the flavor was so special that Garrett won 1st prize in the contest along with Drew Lewis who won the Green Chile category.


The crock pots are on and the competition begins at KJ's Coffee Bar.


Green Chili champ Drew Lewis and one of the actors from the 70s t.v. hit "Emergency".


Diggin' in to the Wild Elk Chili!


All the chilis were fabulous!


Folks of all ages pitched in to help.


What better music to accompany a Chili fest than some good 'ole blues!


Full bellies and big smiles for the judges!


Taking a break from wedding photography in Denver, the soon to be crowned chili champ looks a bit crazed.


Co-champs and new friends Garrett Hacking and Drew Lewis. Co-incidentally both volunteers for CYAR (see previous post).