Dog Days

There are days and then there are dog days. This beautiful Standard Poodle and I have been friends for over ten years. He is also a client. Romeo was the first "child" of some friends of mine. The lone recipient of his parents' attention and affection for many years, Romeo inevitably faced what many dogs do in life - the arrival of a child. When the first born came into the world it was time for another photo session. Alas, Romeo would be relegated to a somewhat smaller role in the session even though he towered over the newborn. Dog Days I spread a black sheet on the floor of my clients' bedroom to create a simple contrasting background for B&W images of the precious newborn. While she was being changed, the unexpected moment presented itself. Looking around as I am prone to do as a visual artist (and I was prone myself) I noticed my friend Romeo peacefully if not somewhat sadly taking in all the action from my level close by. In an instant, I created one of my favorite and most lasting images of the beloved canine (Canis lupus familiaris to be exact). You can see into his soul and sense I feel, a bit of longing and sadness in his eyes. He would no longer be the one and only, however, out of all the photos I have done for the family (now 2 young girls strong), this photo of Romeo is the largest in the house and enjoys a very prominent spot. Subscribe to Photography G newsletter