Fashion Photos for Print

Fashion photos for print work is definitely up there as far as what a lot of photographers aspire to do with their careers. This kind of work can afford travel to beautiful locations and the opportunity to work with models who can definitely make your work easier. Depending on their level of expertise and their ability to know themselves and how to "work it" for the cameras, working with a professional model can make for a very smooth session. Fashion Photos for Print I did this shoot a few autumns back, in Hollywood and Malibu for a designer I met in Denver who was in town for the big Western English Sales Expo that coincides with our famous National Western Stock Show. She invited me to L.A. for the session. The first half of the shoot we did at her Hollywood Hills home. It was (of course) a lovely and unique place to do photography. I was really lit up with excitement and creativity that was contagious and the shoot went great! The designer, Marrika Nakk, was thrilled - so much so, she requested I take the models to the beach (oh, I suppose..) and make it happen without her. She was in extreme pain having recently broken her arm. She flipped with joy when she saw the results. Several of the shots are represented in this ad she ran with my images. We now enjoy a great friendship and I look forward to returning to California for more work soon! Fashion Photos for Print Subscribe to Photography G newsletter