Fenway Park 2010

The Venerable Fenway Park!


Original seats


Play Ball!


In time for the playoffs, Colorado photographer Garrett Hacking looks back on a great summer season of baseball and shares some photographs from his first ever visit to historic Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts. Well known for his wedding photography in Denver, Colorado, Garrett is a rabid baseball fan and is often found turning his camera toward the diamond. You can see some of his work in an earlier blog from this year featuring a rare look into the Colorado Rockies dugout during Spring training. "I just love the game." says Hacking. "I got seriously turned onto it about seven years ago when a friend of mine invited me to rendezvous in LA. to see the first meeting of the Minnesota Twins and the L.A. Dodgers since the 1965 World Series. We threw down for some great seats by home plate which made a huge difference in getting more into the game. Then, I realized I was sitting next to a terrific resource, as my friend knows the game deeply. So I started asking questions. As I became aware of just some of the nuances of the game, my interest and enjoyment grew exponentially and has been ever since. I encourage people to go deeper into the game. It is an endless journey and will heighten your enjoyment of the game in a big way!"