G’s Super Secret Photo Tips - 3-31-10

Welcome! Here is where the rubber hits the road. Tip one. Beginning from the basics. This catches all my assistants off guard when they first come to work for me. But, as you read on you will see it makes total sense. I am sure, like many of them, you are victim to this mentality and really, on a certain level it makes complete sense. But, you will see my point. One of many that will hopefully keep you coming back. My goal is to help you be the best photographer you can be, wherever you wish to take this art form. So here goes: Filters. Many of you have the clear "sky filter". Looks like this: Consider this. It does protect your lens. But at a price. Your lens, which surely cost more than that filter, has now become only as good as that last piece of glass you are shooting through. Like shooting through plexi glass at a hockey game. Doesn't look too hot. Look at this lens: Notice the last element is curved? There is a reason for that. Trust me. Look again at the filters. Flat. So, I suggest you lose the filters, get a lens hood for some protection (and reduces lens flare) and just use more caution when handling you gear. Your photos will be better for it!