Inside the U2 360 Set-up

A behind the scenes look at the U2 360 set-up by concert photographer Garrett Hacking



From the "cockpit". The soundboard and lightboard. Two stories up!







Where the only manager they have had will run the show from.


On the eve of the U2 360 tour stop in Denver, Colorado, Garrett Hacking brings his eye for live band photography in Denver to Invesco Field at Mile High. Here, we get a look at the immensity of the production for tomorrow's highly anticipated concert by arguably the biggest band in the world. Certainly this tour is without doubt the largest grossing in all of history. The concert shooter says he has never seen anything on this scale. There are three identical set ups roaming the country in advance of the band's concerts as each show takes days to bring to fruition. He has been shooting bands for over 20 years and looks forward to adding one of his favorite bands to his vast repertoire of experiences with photography in Denver.