Joe Ades “The Peeler Man” NYC 2006

Denver portrait photographer Garrett Hacking has visited the Big Apple on a number of occasions beginning in 1996 when the band photographer visited the Beacon Theater for a run of Allman Brothers Band shows. It would be 10 years later that Garrett, now a renowned Colorado wedding photographer, would unwittingly come across another famous person while in New York City. Joe Ades, known to New Yorkers as the "Peeler Man".001_Joe Ades NYC "I am always on the lookout for interesting subjects be they human or objects. New York is of course target rich. I am particularly drawn to human characters and Joe obviously stood out. I usually try to have some semblance of a camera with me at all times so I was fortunate to be able to make some portraits of Joe at work. I had no idea what a "legend" he was and how well known he was to most all citizens of Manhattan. I especially didn't know his amazing story until I saw the piece about him on CBS Sunday morning recently. The guy made a fortune! Lived in a Park Ave. apartment, drove a Rolls Royce and put his daughter through Columbia. Schlepping peelers on a street corner! Way to go Joe!!" 002_Joe Ades NYC

003_Joe Ades NYC

004_Joe Ades NYC

005_Joe Ades NYC

006_Joe Ades NYC