John Butler Trio at Red Rocks

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After a stellar performance at the Fox Theater in Boulder the Night before, The John Butler Trio really brought it to their sold out show at Red Rocks. The triumphant return as a headliner followed last year's first such show which was filmed for the live CD and DVD "John Butler Trio Live at Red Rocks". This year Garrett Hacking, acclaimed for his live band in photography in Denver, was tapped by the band's management to document the show with all access perspectives! Garrett exclaims, "There is nothing better for an artist than to have the ability to create on your own terms. The ability for me to deliver the finest concert photographs is enhanced big time when I am not limited to the "photo pit" and first three songs (the standard for concert photography access). Most often the performers have barely hit stride by then. So I appreciate the ability to capture the essence of the performance and deliver what I believe to be the most powerful and authentic moments of a show." Garrett Hacking has built a reputation as a wedding photographer in Denver. It is in front of and on stage with his cameras where the Colorado photographer learned his chops. "I must say, The John Butler Trio has quickly become a favorite subject of both my eyes and ears" claims the photographer as he heads down the mountain for more photography in Denver.

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