Making a Difference With Inner City Youth in Denver

Colorado Youth At Risk helps inner city youth find their inner strength. Today is Colorado Gives Day. A non-profit near and dear to my heart is Colorado Youth at Risk. Colorado Youth at Risk (CYAR) provides high-quality mentoring with community support to help youth make positive life choices, complete high school and prepare for a productive future. CYAR works to fulfill its mission using the following core values: integrity, community, possibility, awareness & commitment. Unlike many other youth/mentor organizations, CYAR uses a model of one on one mentoring with a year long pairing of a youth and mentor. What we have found is that what our participating youth are in dire need of is an interested adult, listening, and someone that doesn't give up on them. Committing to this "showing up" is key. In exchange, the mentors (I have done this and worn other hats for CYAR as well) get remarkable training they can use in all their relationships and throughout their lives. The community you share with the other mentors, volunteers, staff and youth will live on for the rest of your life. Some of the most remarkable people in my life that I know, are from being a part of this organization. These photos are from the amazing "Launch Course" which kicks off the year. This exercise helps youth break through (literally) what is holding them back, which is written on the board. Breaking this board, which the majority of youth and mentors alike, start out thinking impossible, is a metaphor for what is possible and also breaking through limiting beliefs that hold them back in life. That's just one of a myriad of transformational experiences you and your youth will explore. I highly recommend being a part of this community yourself. Please reach out to me to see how and where you may best fit in and make a difference. And for my out of state friends and colleagues, today especially, is a great day to donate the always needed funds. Doing so TODAY before 11:59pm will ensure CYAR gets the full benefit of the $10,000 matching pledge.  Please click here to donate. Many thanks and happy holidays!   Subscribe to Photography G newsletter Making a Difference With Inner City Youth in Denver | Boulder