Mumford and Sons BRING IT to Taos!





Garrett Hacking, owner of Photography G and renowned for his live band photography in Denver, brought his unique photographic perspective to Taos, New Mexico for the biggest show in the town's history. The hottest touring act in the world, Mumford and Sons chose to play the magical artistic community of Taos over Albuquerque and Santa Fe to the delight of locals and fans from all over the country who came to see the boys from the U.K. rock it with their grammy award winning folk/bluegrass/rock blend. "This all came together for me rather last minute which tends to be the most fun and adventurous. I had no idea just how huge these guys are! And what great energy and presence they bring to the stage. Very dynamic and a whole lot of fun to photograph." Garrett winds up his trip to the Land of Enchantment and hits the road for a busy upcoming week of photography in Denver. Many thanks to Dawn Richardson of The Taos Solar Music Fest for making all of this possible!