Tell All Tuesday! The Eagle takes Flight.

Google+-Eagle (1 of 1) A favorite wildlife photo. Not Colorado photography, I took this in Homer, Alaska. This majestic bird sat on that wood perch forever.. and ever.. Well maybe a half hour but when you come across something like this unexpectedly and have no tripod, it basically means holding the camera to the eye the whole time. Because you know darn well the minute you don't, off he goes. And it was that split second right when he took off that I wanted to nail. You always see the eagle soaring photos. This shot I feel, is more unique. And people love it! In fact I made a motivational poster of it adding the quote by Virgil "They can because they think they can". If you are interested in purchasing this unique piece for yourself or as a great gift, drop me a line. Each poster is hand signed. By me, not the eagle. Cheers, Garrett IMG_3284