What Goes on Behind the Lens at Corporate Events

Photography G Photographs Hall of Famer Tony Dungy​There are many moving parts of a corporate event. Event coordinators are often tasked with juggling responsibilities such as staying on schedule with speakers and taking care of the caterers and other vendors. At Photography G in Denver, we believe the photographer at your corporate event should be unobtrusive and help keep everything on track. This goal requires our photographer, Garrett Hacking, to know the ins and outs of your entire event such as when and where each speaker is supposed to present and the best place to take group portraits.

Some of the thoughts going on behind the lens of Garrett’s camera include:

  • Capturing smiles and excitement from both the speakers and the audience.
  • Knowing which guests or speakers are key individuals to photograph such as celebrities and CEOs.
  • Spending the appropriate amount of time in each conference room to ensure all the presentations are photographed.
  • Getting close-up images of any equipment, awards and other details throughout the event.
  • Having access to his equipment wherever he may be.
  • Staying in contact with the event coordinator in case there are last minute changes.


These are just a few of the many factors that come into play when Garrett photographs a corporate event. However, one of the most important parts involved in a successful event is getting a timeline and shot list from the planner ahead of time, so Garrett and his associates come prepared.

Garrett Hacking is an award-winning photographer, and he can answer your corporate event questions at your initial consultation in our Denver studio.

If you’re looking for an event photographer in Colorado or anywhere in the U.S., please contact Photography G today at (303) 444-6994 to schedule your consultation. Garrett and his skilled associates serve clients in Denver, Boulder and nationwide.