Where’s Schulz? Finishing his Trip Through the Midwest.

After helping bag a limit of pheasants in South Dakota, Schulz continued on to Minnesota. 13 years ago his dad, Garrett Hacking, emigrated from the frozen tundra to the fairer climate of Colorado for a career of photography in Denver. Here Schulz is visiting Schmitty, a native of Minnesota, who actually met Garrett while living in Boulder, Colorado. (Note requisite MN. lake!)


Here Schulz relaxes, looking out at the lake, while the boys sleep off the first of several Thanksgiving meals. This one, fresh pheasant from the day before. What a treat!


Next, Schulz visits his family in Minnesota, whom he had yet to meet, and proceeds to tear apart youngest son "Lil G" while sister and mom look on with on delight. (The boy survived the vicious assault - so did Schulz).


Schulz then proceeded to stand guard in front of the fire place he fought so hard to make his territory.


The next day, after Thanksgiving meal #2, Schulz relaxed in the winter sun and spent some time with his new buddy Monty.IMG_0627


Next up, the last leg of the journey home. Dad has a date with more wedding photography in Denver!