Why Your Wedding Proposal Should be Photographed

Why Your Wedding Proposal Should be Photographed | Denver This is it. The day you and your soon-to-be fiancé have been looking forward to for years, probably since the two of you met. Your hands are sweaty, the ring is practically burning a hole in your pocket, and the adrenaline and fear coursing through you are both exciting and terrifying. You know what you’re not thinking about? Memorializing those precious seconds by hiring a professional proposal photographer to catch the moment she says yes.

Maybe you asked the waiter or a passerby to grab a quick shot of you on one knee or the two of you together while she holds up the newly-placed ring on her finger, but those images probably won’t turn out as you’d hoped. At Photography G, we love capturing these intimate moments. The raw emotion and love emanate from every frame.

There are a few aspects to keep in mind as you weigh your choices on hiring a photographer for this much-anticipated moment in your life, including: 

  • The Setting: You’ve been careful to choose a location that is either meaningful to your relationship or a beautiful backdrop for a proposal. However, the lighting in these situations may create unflattering photos. A professional photographer, such as Garrett Hacking who’s been named Photographer of the Year by NACE twice, can compensate for this and create radiant images of this happy moment.  
  • Your Speech: Maybe you’ve spent weeks figuring out what you’re going to say. Maybe you’ve decided to ‘wing it.’ Regardless, your bride-to-be will cherish the photos featuring her reaction to your words. You may even want one of our videographer associates to join us and give you a priceless video of the day.
  • The “Yes” Moment: There are countless emotions involved in the “yes” moment, where you pop open the box, and she says “yes.” Tears, smiles, hugs—These are actions you’ll want to relive through photographs for the rest of your life. 
  • Proposal Portraits: Many couples wish to announce their engagement to their family, friends and social media followers. Photography G can take several portraits to help you show the world the magic of your proposal where you can showcase both the ring and your glowing happiness.

Hiring a professional photographer for your proposal is also a perfect option for those who plan to ‘pop the question’ in a quiet environment such as on the mountain or in the park. Photography G is well-known for our ability to create stunning images unobtrusively. She won’t even realize we’re there, which will add to her surprise. 

If you’ve got the ring, get the photographer. Schedule your consultation or photoshoot today in Denver by calling (303) 444-6994 or use our contact form. Photography G offers award-winning photography to clients in Denver, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, Boulder and all of Northern Colorado.