Concert Photography

Concert and live band photography by Garrett Hacking captures the true excitement behind the music notes. Photography G has spent many years photographing rock and roll legends.

Since moving to Colorado, Red Rocks Amphitheater has been the backdrop for many of Garrett's famous rock band photos. The first concert Garrett saw as a teen was the band The Who. Garrett Hacking later felt drawn to capture the intensity and magic of live band photography. This inspired him to embark on an exciting career that has brought him recognition from rock and roll greats, including: The Allman Brothers, Widespread Panic, Bruce Springsteen, and BB King. 

Shooting live shows turned out to be on-the-job training, molding him into a sharpshooter of events. Garrett’s photos have been used on CD covers and in publicity campaigns to showcase renowned products such as D’Addario Strings and Martin Guitars. His photography gives viewers front-row seats and backstage passes to a variety of concerts. 

Select works of Garrett’s live band photography in Denver, throughout Colorado and around the world are available for purchase and make great gifts! Please inquire. “Waiting for the right shot on stage is like a sniper waiting for the target to be perfect. There’s the same discipline. Steady, aim, focus, squeeze don’t jerk.” –Jim Marshall.